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Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) feature heavily on most modern vehicles. Utilizing a range of sensors, they introduce an array of safety features like autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warnings (LDW), lane assist, night vision cameras and adaptive lighting.

The need for correct care of ADAS is essential and we are proud to offer the latest calibration services, having invested in the latest ADAS equipment.

Adding to our fully equipped garage, ADAS Calibrations ensure you, the customers, remain safe on the road and that is our number one priority.


ADAS calibration is a process carried out to correctly align the cameras and sensors used by the systems that keep you safe on the road.


Why do I need my ADAS calibrated ?

Completed to the manufactures required standards, ADAS Calibration ensures these devices are aligned correctly and keeping you safe.

Essentially, it ensures your car knows where it is going and what is happening around it.

Most ADAS features rely on groups of cameras or sensors feeding information in and working together. These can be located in the car windscreen, front grille or within the front bumper.

Because of this, calibration can be required when:

The front windscreen is replaced
Any repair or replacement is done around the front bumper
A front-end collision has happened

A calibration is performed to correct tracking / misalignment This ensures your ADAS is working as intended. If a calibration is missed, an ADAS component may not function as it should and could cause a potential risk to you and others on the road.

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