Launch Tyre Changer TWC-821

Launch Tyre Changer TWC-821

  • Features


    Advanced technology to make sure no dead angle in the whole process

    Seamless welded make sure fixed system is durable  

    Adjust the angle of working head according to different tires safe and convenient

    Double roller design to increase the working efficiency

    Split design of the roller to reduce power and noise, make the process more smoothly

    Easy to assemble and disassemble various styles of rims by using three point ladder design on the clamping method

  • Specifications

    Product Parameters

    Items X-821
    Three-phase Supply 380V/220V ~ 1.5kW 50Hz
    Max Wide in Operational Process 1560mm
    Max Height 2160mm
    Rim Center Hole Diameter 8.5”~9”/11”~11.5”
    Max Wheel Diameter 1300mm
    Max Wheel Width 17.72”
    Turntable Speed 7rpm
    G.W/N.W 555/455kg
    Package Size 1400x1300x1850mm
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