Launch Wheel Balancer KWB-421

  • Features

    Manual Input Parameters

    Simple to Work with Excellent balancing performance, eg: 1g balance

    Quickly Measures Distance and diameter ('A' value/'D' value) with relative activation of desired balancing

    Foot Brake Pedal Assist to Control the position of Counterweights

    Wheel Guard Give the Tire Better Protection

    Launch Comprehensive Guarantees

  • Product Parameters


    Items  KWB-421
    Working Voltage  220V
    Rim Diameter Range 12-24”
    Max. Wheel Diameter 650mm
    Wheel Width 1.5-22”
    Balance Cycle 7s
    Balance Speed 180rpm
    Max. Wheel Weight 75kg
    Supported Balance Function and Modes STA/ALUI/ALU2/ALUS
    Package Size 850x750x1270mm