X431 PRO 3S+ (2020)

  • X-431 PRO3 passes on LAUNCH advantages in automotive fault diagnostic technology, such as wide car model coverage,powerful function, abundant special functions and accurate test data, etc. Moreover, a comprehensive and powerful golo business manager module that integrates instant messaging and remote diagnosis is newly released on X-431 PRO3,which is specially designed for repair shops to develop customers and perform remote diagnosis with speed.



    1.    Intelligent Diagnosis

        - Automatically identify the vehicle information and quickly diagnosed the cars in smooth network, and online check the history maintenance record

    2.  Abundant Special Function
         - Support the matching, coding, programming and common special programmable modules for
         majority vehicles, like battery, brake, oil reset, ABS bleeding, throttle adaptation, TPMS reset, 
         DPF regeneration, gear learning and IMMO etc.

    3.  Wide Vehicle Coverage
         - Covers more than 100 world-wide vehicle brands 
    4.  Quick Test 
         - One-click to clear DTC, make diagnosis faster and easier
    5.  VIN Scan
         - Automatic scan and manually input VIN
    6.  Online Repair Resources
         - Provide more than 1600 vehicle models’ service & repair information, handbook, repair case and operation skill
    7.  One-Click Update
         - Provide a quick access to update software fast
    8.  golo Business
         - Convenient to interact with customers, increase customers’ retention and gain more business leads

  • X-431 PRO3 Parameters

    ● Operating system: Android7.1

    ● Display: 10.1" IPS/1280X800

    ● CPU: 1.4GHz Quad core

    ● RAM: 2GB

    ● ROM: 16GB

    ● Printer: Optional Wi-Fi printer

    ● Camera: Rear 5mp

    ● Battery: 7,000 mAh

    ● Size: 264X210X30 (mm)

    ● Heavy duty module(12V/24V): optional