Launch wins the Coler Innovation Award 2009

After 2007, we shared the second time successfully in the COLER technika from Oct. 23.-25 2009 which will be arranged every two years. The fair were joined by about 15.000 professional trade visitors and it was a big show, International famous artists had shown their perfect and dangerous art, as well as Stefanie Neu a famous radio moderator from WDR 2 was in charge to moderate the evening. After the show of the artists they started with the award show. The award was divided in two groups, the award for the product and the award for the service. There were more than 25 announcements for the service award, including Bosch, Texa, Gutman and Actia etc. The Jury was composed of: 5 garage owners (3 of them Bosch special garages) 1 member was from the TÜV and one was from the Coler management. Finally, Launch X431 Diagun win the COLER Innovation Award 2009 in front of an audience of app. 1.000 people, the complete professional press from ASP, AMZ, kfz-betrieb, Freie, Werkstatt and the TV of WDR.

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