Pirated/illegal X-431 Scan Tools

With the increase in sales of the X-431 scan tool worldwide, recently, we have found companies dealing in pirated/illegal versions. These companies are selling X-431 illegally and without Launch Tech Co Ltd authorization. Furthermore, since the structure and configuration of some units have been altered greatly during the piracy/registration process, these units will not and cannot, be updated and serviced by authorized Launch branches and dealers. Future software updates or warranty services may be null and void. Just as important, there have been cases where these units have caused irreparable damage to the vehicle being tested. We kindly advise all dealers and consumers: Please DO NOT purchase pirated/illegal X431 from these companies & websites (see preliminary list below). You will find that the cost savings up front will soon be overshadowed by the added costs you will incur by having to reconfigure, update, repairing or even not using these units. Additionally, we welcome dealers and consumers to report those companies and traders who are suspected of selling these pirated/illegal units. Launch Tech Co Ltd reserves all rights to legal action and will enforce these rights to the strictest code of the law. These companies have been found to be involved in the sale and trafficking of pirated/illegal X-431 units. Please be forewarned:

  • http://www.chiltonsondemand.com(Miami Florida,USA)

  • Sprint Data S.R.L(contact:Gustavo Martinez)

  • http://www.vdds.co.uk/main/

  • http:// www.obdresource.com

  • OBD Factory Auto Electrics Co.,Ltd(http://www.obdfactory.com)

  • ShenZhen HuaWenYi Technology Co.,Ltd(http://cnreliable.com)

  • http://www.budgetdiagnosis.co.uk

  • http://www.earlstage.co.uk

  • http://www.worldiagnostic.com

  • http://www.eurossy.com/

  • http://www.szhtech.com

  • http://www.ecustar.com

  • http://www.ecucar.com

  • http://www.uiftech.com

  • http://www.telantcar.com

  • http://www.ufodaig.com

  • http://www.ccssit.cn

  • http://www.autocarshop.co.uk

  • http://www.ecubase.com

  • http://microcore.en.alibaba.com/

  • HST Technologies Company Limited(http://microcore.en.alibaba.com/

  • ;www.softti.com/hsttechnologies )

  • http://www.autotec-direct.com

  • www.reliablediag.com.cn

  • http://www.hony-tech.com

  • http://www.autonumen.com

  • http://www.europeanworks.net/

  • Aoto Technology Co.,LTD

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