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Why Choose


Experience Team

We have been working on Vehicle for over 20 years. There is nothing we have not seen before, not just battery failure, HV inverter problems, engines running rough, brakes operating correctly, and all manner of random whining and squeaking.


Full range of hybrid and Electric Car parts

Being a specialist means we only need to keep parts for a limited line of models. We keep these parts on site making the repair process cheaper and quicker for you.


Research and innovation

We don’t just repair vehicles. We are constantly researching and testing new modifications and repair techniques to improve your vehicle’s performance and longevity.



We have seen it all! That means we can diagnose and repair your problem faster than anyone else! We utilize all the latest diagnostic equipment and scanners but more importantly, we understand how to interpret the data we retrieve to get to the root cause of your vehicles problem.


We Can Diagnose Your Vehicle

Got an issue with your hybrid/EV or Petrol/Diesel Vehicle? Bring it in and we will diagnose your fault


Hybrid/EV Battery Repair & Servicing

We don’t “just change cells”. We have the ability to map the capacity of every single cell in your hybrid battery. By doing this we can we can accurately pick out dead cells and cells that are about to fail. We can also ensure a highly balanced battery bank meaning it will last longer, have better fuel economy and demonstrate better overall performance.



With the most up-to-date diagnostics equipment, we deliver accurate, quick, and dependable diagnostics to verify your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. However, unlike other workshops we will not diagnose your vehicle from the scan reports alone. To save you an expensive repair we will thoroughly check the faults of your vehicle to make sure that part that is showing a fault is actually at fault.

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